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Airbrushed acrylics on board and canvas

Not just a sculptor, Sal still paints and air brushes exceptional automotive images on canvas and illustration board. Air brush painting is how he got his start and Sal still enjoys creating unique, one-of-a-kind air brushed paintings for his clients in a realistic and colorful style.

Sal uses acrylic paints, applied with traditional paint brushes, then air brushes over the image to soften and add motion blur effects. He rarely creates a painting entirely by air brush. Combining brush painting and air brush painting makes the cars appear as though they're moving. Sal tries to paint with photographic detail, but not to completely recreate a photo. He tries to add something extra to the image wether it's speed and motion, or simply a mood or interesting background.

The links at left are just a few samples of Sal's paintings. Car portrait paintings and editorial illustration comissions are welcome, please call for more information.