The Sculpting Process: A Video Demonstration

I'm often asked, how are the sculptures made, and how long does it take from start to finish? I put together these three videos to try and explain the process and show the detailed steps involved when I create my sculptures. The process and materials I use are very similar to what's used in making a "real", full-size, hand-built sportscar. The extra time spent in production, and the premium quality materials I use are what makes my sculptures so impactful and such great collectibles. Each one is an original work of art and purchasing one of my sculptures is like owning an original painting instead of a limited edition print. I probably could use cheaper paints and resins, and have some company over seas vacuum-form the car bodies in mass quantities, but the end product wouldn't be nearly as nice, and I wouldn't be able to customize each piece to match the customers' requests.

Click on the links below to play the sculpture creation videos. The videos may take a moment or two to download, please be patient.

Sculpture Creation
Adding Color
Sculpture Samples